The Company

Manchu WOK® happily welcomes you. Whether you are interested in our business or simply a Chinese food enthusiast, we are proud to introduce Manchu WOK® to you.

We are recognized as North America’s biggest franchisor in the Chinese Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. We take our responsibilities to our valued franchisees seriously and we have earned a reputation of building strong relationships with them. While majority of our stores are franchise-owned and operated, Manchu WOK’s corporate stores are also models of success in the food retail business – reflecting award-winning store design, profitability and well-managed operations that rise above the competition.

Industry experts also give a thumbs-up to the solid support behind the Manchu WOK® network. As a subsidiary of MTY Group, Manchu WOK’s long and established heritage is one of quality and substance.

To fans of Asian delicacies, Manchu WOK® is the place for enjoying fast and fresh Chinese cuisine. For decades, no other fast food name is as recognized as Manchu WOK® when it comes to offering authentic, best-loved recipes of the East. Our diners have come to expect the availability of our signature dishes – like Manchu WOK’s irresistible Orange Chicken – but they are always pleasantly surprised with delectable new additions to our ever evolving menu that captures the best from the Cantonese, Szechwan, Hunan and Mandarin regions.

As a highly visible brand that caters to thousands of consumers daily, Manchu WOK® also takes its corporate responsibilities seriously. From head office to our stores, we strive to exceed the rules and regulations that protect the environment and help the community.