Operational Excellence

With thirty five years of experience and meals served in the hundreds of millions, Manchu WOK® has an effective and efficient operational system that is proven successful in all our stores. Our simplified methods are designed to assure ease of implementation and uniformity of quality standards.

Our operations team is in constant touch with our corporate stores and franchise partners to provide expert training, support and advice. We have a tried and tested training system that is acclaimed in the food service industry. The system is simple, continuous and proven effective in enabling each store to consistently provide top quality food and outstanding service to customers. It is also the team’s mission to help every store attain its profitability goals.

As the bridge to our corporate resources, the operations team enables our franchisees to benefit from the efficiency of our superior distribution program and take advantage of our unparalleled purchasing power brought about by the Manchu WOK’s strong relationship with its suppliers. Franchisees are guided by year-round marketing support which includes programs designed to drive business and keep the brand fresh and top-of-mind. Operational support is key to the effective implementation of exciting improvements and innovations on our menu. Manchu WOK’s menu evolves continuously to maintain fast-selling items while promoting exciting new offerings to keep customers coming back for more. Every dish has been meticulously studied to ensure good value to our customers and increase sales and profit of our stores.

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