Frequently Asked Questions

No worries.  Email us

Send a copy of your receipt along with your WOK Rewards Card Number and let us know what email you used to register, and we will help you with your missing points. 


Welcome REWARD points are valid for 30 days from the day you REGISTER our card online and create a profile. Your reward is then triggered by your next purchase. 

DON’T MISS OUT – OPT-IN for E communications to be notified of your Welcome Reward!  

Birthday BONUS points are valid for 30 days from your birthdate. 

DON’T MISS OUT – OPT-IN for email communications to be notified of your Birthday Bonus!  

Once your card is REGISTERed online, simply present your card with your next purchase at your favourite ManchuWOK and your Welcome Points will be added to your account.

Your WOK REWARDS points are not convertible to cash.

WOK REWARD points are non-transferable, but you can treat your friend to lunch and earn 10 points with every $1 you spend 

Once you have 500 points or more in your account you can start to redeem 

500 points = $1 off your next purchase 

Be sure you REGISTER  your card online and create a profile to be eligible to redeem your points 

Your points are accumulating and will appear in your account once you earn 500 points. Once you reach 500 points you are eligible for your first redemption.

WOK REWARDS members can earn points with every purchase however won’t be eligible to REDEEM points until 1) the card is registered online, and a profile has been created 2) redemption starts once members accumulate 500 points = $1 off 

WOK REWARDS members can SIGN IN then click Check Balance.

Points balances will also be printed on your store receipt.

Great question – please email us at and let us know if you wish to keep the physical or digital card, the numbers for both cards along with the email that you used to register your profile and we will update your account 

Sorry to hear that. Send us an email at so we can help. 

Members can SIGN IN then click Get A Password and follow the instructions.

Points earned during special offers, promotions or limited time offers have no expiry date

POINTS are earned on before tax purchases.

For the Rewards Program to work effectively there should be only one card per person, one account registered per person and one email registered per person. 

Thanks for asking – Our current Rewards Program is only available in Canada.

Yes, it is possible to have a points adjustment, once your account has been verified and a receipt is provided within 30 days of your purchase, along with Rewards member card number.

If you could not find an answer to your question, please CONTACT US